PreOp® Orthopedic: Hip Replacement Patient Education

Posted by Surgical Experts Comments (25) Patient ED @ 617-379-1582 INFO You doctor has recommended that you undergo hip replacement surgery. But what exactly does that mean? The…

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25 Responses to “PreOp® Orthopedic: Hip Replacement Patient Education”

  1. FrankIeroiscute says:

    my mum has aurthritus and needs a hip replacement

  2. FrankIeroiscute says:

    have you had the operation yet?

  3. Rolf Nordeide says:

    I just had a hip replacement (12 days ago), and even now, I notice a major improvement in movement, and a lot less pain!
    Of course, it will take a few months more of training to get the full effect, but so far, I can highly recommend this for those with a qualifying diagnosis of the hip.

  4. jazztrio2008 says:

    alright, i am 26 years old have suffered my whole life from birth when I was born with my left hip dislocation. My hip either needs a Hip Resurfacing or hip replacements, most likely going to be a hip replacements either is fine with me.  will see what the CT scan on my hip reveales in depth.. if anything I will go for the replacement, because it is really bad..

  5. terry says:

    I a m getting a hip replacement on may 13 i go for pre op today i have arthritis really bad i had a accident back in 1997 and broke my hip in 3 places but over the years arthritis set in and my ball of the hip is deteriorating as we hope this takes away alot of the pain

  6. crazybeavers155 says:

    i hope u feel better and sorry to hear that

  7. Sqid101 says:

    Metal on plastic will last 10 to 20 years depending on how active you are. Metal on metal or ceramic on ceramic are expected to last up to 40 or more years but there has been less experience with metal on metal and ceramic on ceramic and the jury is still out on them.

  8. Sqid101 says:

    You have had an excellent result, keysersozay – you have been very fortunate and were probably in great shape or health to start with. Sure, one’s own body will send messages about what one is capable of doing, and the doctor’s advice may often be on the conservative side. But we are all different and what is right for one may not be right for everyone. Most people aren’t going to have the exceptional results you have had and will need the pain relief for a week or so.

  9. Sqid101 says:

    In about 95% of cases it will take away all your pain and markedly increase your mobility.

  10. Sqid101 says:

    How active are you? I had a replacement done when I could no longer walk 100 metres without crutches. If you are still able to live an active life I’d say you can resist it for some time. When you really need it done you will know that you need it done and want it done.

  11. insaintraining says:

    Good advice. At the same time, it is okay to need more pain control. Pain is a very personal experience — everyone feels, perceives, and deals with it differently.

    There is no rush to “get going” since your supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments need time to get back to being strong enough to prevent the new hip from popping right out.

  12. v909v says:

    can u tell me ur experience with hip replacement.. am 35 years and am having arthritis in my hip since 2005. i am totaly disable now i am not able to do anything even hardly to stand up.

  13. blujose says:

    Plastic (polyethylene) creates wear particles and debris builds up
    recent break-throughs artificial Diamond on metal last longer reducing the wear

  14. Sheri4u says:

    My sister thighs rub together and she is not even fat and she is very concious of it she cant wear shot pants without they ride up….how does she change that

  15. james faulkner says:

    can hip ligaments be repaired

  16. IsayRooof says:

    Guys i have a upper right leg hip tendonites
    and its fine sometimes the pain comes sometime sit goes
    i did xray
    they said no cure for it the cure is in time
    it will heal
    some help like exersizes or stuff?
    thanks alot

  17. Abhishek Deswal says:

    dude were u overwieght?

  18. Abhishek Deswal says:

    dude did the pain started like between ur pelvis and ur femur bone like u cannot twist it around right? and if that is then i m screwed.

  19. TimeGap79 says:

    Had Perthes when I was younger, I am 24 now and guess what… D-Day for this is coming… I suspect that Im having it done this year as my Hip is totally screwed. Grown into place.

  20. Young Money says:

    that’s not natural! =(

  21. 39tommyboy says:

    i know one thing about hip replacements. if they ware out then get them changed quick dont wait or staph will set up in the joint. then youre in trouble. ouch.

  22. Bruny says:

    I don’t know why total hip replacement patients opt to get this type of surgery when there is the Direct Anterior Approach that preserves the gluteus and femoral muscles. Recovery time is shorter than this type of barbaric surgery. More surgeons should train to do the Direct Anterior Approach. Shorter hospital stay and physical therapy. They should purchase the right equipment to perform this surgery and have pity on patients giving them less trauma, pain & faster recovery with no restrictions.

  23. muztank100 says:

    can u please tell me about the surgery u said, couse next week i am going for my hip surgery…
    looking for your response..

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